A Design AwardsA Design Awards

Added conspicuous design prizes:

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Architecture PrizeEvents PrizeFinance Prize
Arts PrizePrix PrizeSoftware Prize
Sponsorship PrizeSponsored PrizeArtist Prize
Energy Products PrizeAwards PrizeStructure Prize
Business PrizeTextile PrizeYoung Prize
Asian PrizeRetail PrizeConference Prize
Manufacturing Machinery PrizeGood PrizeGreatest Architects Prize
Greatest Architecture PrizeGreatest Design Works PrizeAwards' Prize
Contests' PrizeFor Designers PrizeMasters' Prize
Design Olympics PrizeLeading PrizeTop Notch Design Prize
Professional Designers' PrizeDesignprix PrizeBanking Instruments Prize
Residential Housing PrizeLandscape PrizeTrophy Prize
Outranking PrizeInformation Processing PrizeArt Events Prize
Conference Centers PrizeTradefair Centers PrizeTransparent Goods Prize
Brown Goods PrizeColorful Goods PrizeAlmanacs Prize

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